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Shenzhen R&D Center

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Process Quality

We implement SOP operation specifications and carry out full inspection

Technical Strengths

Precision Mold Design and Making

More than 40 years of experience in precision mold design and manufacturing, we can design and manufacture all kinds of plastic molds. We are specialized in monochrome plastic injection molds, double injection mould, multi-color injection molds, Liquid Silicone Rubber cold runner injection molds, LSR hot runner injection molds, HTV silicone injection cold runner molds, solid silicone injection hot runner molds, gas assisted molding molds, bakelite molds,silicone keypad molds, and other miscellaneous silicone and rubber parts.

Medical Supplies Design and Manufacturing

Medical grade mold design and manufacturing, including LSR molds, double injection molds and other rubber molds.

Medical products plastic shell injection molding manufacturing.

LSR parts forming processing.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding Technology

We have advanced LSR molding equipment, with shore hardness is 0-80 and high precision technology to be used in micro liquid silicone molding. We are experts in overmolding with LSR, plastic, and metal parts.

Multicolor and Overmolding Technology

We have a variety of overmolding technology and sealing solutions. Our professional team can solve the technical needs and engineering problems for all kinds of overmolding and multi-material injection molding.

We have excellent injection molding technology and 40 years of injection molding product manufacturing experience, and have a wealth of various injection molding technology solutions. We are an engineering plastics application technology solution provider, specializing in the application of various engineering plastics...
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Composite Material Injection Molding
We are professional silicone manufacturer with 40 years of silicone and synthetic rubber production experience and we are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of silicone rubber keypads.
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Solid Silicone and Synthetic Rubber Applications
Our engineering technology research and development center has professional IP waterproof engineers for mechanical components. It can perform DFM analysis and provide the most ideal waterproof solution for customers, so that customers can do engineering design evaluation before manufacturing of the mold, and reduce time spent on waterproofing research and development.
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Waterproof Expert IP Waterproof Grade Plan
We have decades of experience in metal and plastic insert-molding. We can manufacture insert molded products with high precision and high quality.
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Metal Plastic Insert Molding
Our company is equipped with several membrane switch, touch screen, PCBA and whole product assembly with semi-automatic production lines. We can produce industrial, automotive electronics, medical equipment, consumer electronics, and assemblies from many other industries as an OEM manufacturer.
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FPC Touch Screen Panel / Membrane Switch R & D and Manufacturing
We have very good surface treatment technology. Our dust-free workshop has a clean environment and can produce excellent products.
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Surface Treatment Application
We have professional automobile parts manufacturing capacity, from tooling design to parts assembly, to provide one-stop manufacturing services.
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Nitrogen Assisted Injection Molding
We have advanced frozen deburring equipment, specializing in rubber silicone products, zinc aluminum magnesium alloy die casting, injection (plastic) products to remove burring and batch operations.
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Liquid Nitrogen Refrigeration to Remove Burrs
We have advanced 3D printers with high simulation materials, providing customers with quick samples, or printing 3D mold core to make fast mold for small batch production, simulating the material hardness and structure of actual products.
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High Simulation Material 3D Printing
We have the ability to fully assemble precision electronic products. We can provide the whole machine assembly according to the needs of customers. R & D team can help to complete customers' semi-finished electronics product. In addition, we have electronic products dust-free assembly workshop, so that customers in electronic products development and manufacturing has less worries with better quality.
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Precision Electronics Assembly