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【company background】
Win Industry Company Ltd. was established in 1978 in Taipei, as an original supplier of silicone rubber products. But with ten years of unremitting efforts and continuous improvement, in 1989 we set up factory in Science & Industry Park, Nantou, Shenzhen,(named Pei-Hong Electronic Factory Ltd.) with area of 30000 square meters; and we build another factory in Longmen, Huizhou with 60000 square meters in 2006 (named Longmen, Win Industry Co., Ltd.). The product line has expanded from silicone rubber products to mold tooling for rubber and plastic products, production of both rubber and plastic parts, as well as the finishing treatments for rubber and plastic products; such as screen printing, spraying, laser etching, etc. All of these processes are made by our own facilities.

In addition, we have developed capabilities for membrane switch production, touch panel production, PCB assembly, and assembly line for final product to make us a total manufacturing solution provider for our customers.
【corporate assets】
Fixed asset investment has reached US$13000000 (Shenzhen US$5000000, Longmen US$8000000), and has 1000 skilled, experienced staff in the engineering, QC team and skillful production workers.
【key customer base】
We have well recognized customers all over the world, like Honeywell(US), Trimble(worldwide), Megger(UK), Flir System(SE), Panasonic(Japan), Intelbras(Brazil) etc.. As long as your products are made of rubbers or plastics, we are one of the diversified and total solution manufacturer. Please send us your enquiry to our email address. Our representatives will respond to you in a timely manner.
Peihong electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. mold production
ODA Ticaret  RODA Ticaret ve Danismanlik is a manufacturing, consultancy and representing company which was founded in 1991 to provide service to the manufacturers of PCB and Electronic Assembly.   We provide electronic components, materials and production equipment to Turkish companies which deal with Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Electronic Assembly. We are also exclusive representative of the foreign suppliers and manufacturers in the line of Electronic Industry.
We are a UK  We are a UK based Volume Importer Distributor of Electromechanical Components Custom Plastic Rubber Parts. Our product range includes: Sunon Fans, Keypads, Speakers, Sounders, Plastic Mouldings, Wound Components, Connectors Cable Assemblies, CCD Cameras and many other products.
Marelcom PLC  Marelcom PLC was founded in 1995 with the management-buy-out of the business sectors Relays and Electronic Components of ZETTLER PLC.  Our company specializes in the whole spectrum of activities dealing with operating, switching and displaying. Our team of specialists is your single point of contact to design and implement any kind of project, be it a single component part or a complex user interface.
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